1st Three Days

Some folks were asking for an update on how it’s going. So many thoughts, realisations  – feels like it’s been a couple of weeks of experiences in 3 days. Weather has been a bit of a stress – Jack ended up using wooden boxes as bass drum and floor tom cos he couldn’t get a cab w/ his stuff from Bridgeton. Not sure if Dougal was going to make it from Edinburgh today. Blah, blah.

The weather has been such a source of inspiration too. Nothing is constant/ unchangeable … the tempo of cities, political systems etc (to use extremely crass/ simplified for brevity’s sake language). Plus Glasgow has felt, in some ways, like it was the late 19th or early 20th century.

Three days:

1st. Thinking of Leonard Peltier. Thankful for Cloudy. And Alison.

2nd. Different kinds of marriages – with nothing to do with the white gown/ tails kind. The return of Aussie Gareth. Jack blazes.

3rd. You know you’re OK playing w/ someone who takes their shoes off to play on concrete floor in minus 5 degrees temperature. Thanks Jude.

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