8.12.10. – 14.12.10.

Feels like a long time ago that I played with Hubby (on the 8th). A week ago. Much. I laughed out loud and long at the sight of a plastic Xmas tree with plastic lights through my neighbour’s window. Nothing more hilarious about it than all the other plastic trees with plastic lights. It just seems suitably ludicrous compared to the other possible ways of marking mid winter. Of the sensations of mid winter that are around and are being marked.

Many glimpses/ sightings of the possible ways since starting this.

8.12.10. With Hubby. It works. Stillness.

9.12.10. Chris really makes something of it. Brings.

10.12.10. Me and Michael – we can do better … but listening back to it … it still got definitely somewhere. We want to do more of it!

11.12.10. Howie. A very long wide ranging conversation (of old friends) compressed into 40 minutes. Diverse, free and much more and on.

12.12.10. Never played together. Feel’s easy with Cheer. Flying carpet.

13.12.10. Laurie. Yes. Totally.

14.12.10. Michael Sherin. More stories. Gentle, isn’t easy.

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