21.12.10. – 29.12.10.


Tara jumps right in.

For Luke.


Head full of the Pyrenees. Thanks Nerea.


The view of deep red berries against snow. Singular vision. Under cuts a whole culture spinning around me.

Hello. How do you do. Never played with Robin before. Mighty. At points I feel like I’m playing in The Ex with Tom Cora!

Back in time but not back in time.


Rosalind Masson and me bite off a bit more than we can chew. But we’re trying it! Learning from it. ‘Failing’ can definitely be good. Much respect to Rosie.


All thanks and love to Lees. For all. It’s December 25th. We play. Some people come down (and thanks to them!). The next day.


Jodi is class. The amp bites my arse a bit. Fractured sensations (stories?) somehow miraculously make something coherent. Thanks Graham, Jude.


Thinking of Leonard Peltier again.

With Jamie: Clusters, constellations, shadows. Thanks Eva.


City feels tired and sad today. Now the snow is away. The faded colonial grandeur of buildings and beliefs. But I have generated some space around myself. I can see the culture around but it has less power.
With Iain. Very particular fusing of the intuitive and the concrete thinking. Intriguing. Fascinating to do. Smarts.

Love and thanks P6, Jude, Howie, Iain.

Someone says “Still a ways to go”. Someone else says: “You’re in the home straight”.

Yes and yes.


Guts from Mr Storey. We’re in it together.

Tomorrow I want to bathe in the light (but not the New Age light).

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