Week 1 5th-11th December

Cloudberry MacLean

Jack Figgis

Dougal Marwick

Dougal uses several existing sounds to make various new sounds. His first ideas are more often than not his best ideas. He is a Stadium Rockist and 7VWWVW Number Three. He has recently collaborated with Wounded Knee, LuckyMe and Jer Reid.

RM Hubbert

A mainstay of numerous bands within the Glasgow DIY scene of the 1990ʼs – including El Hombre Trajeado. RM Hubbert has more recently been concentrating on a series of solo guitar compositions, which are based around flamenco rhythms and structures, but which are simultaneously melodically traceable to both his previous work and more contemporary styles.

Christine Devaney

Glasgow born Christine trained at London Contemporary Dance School and has been performing, choreographing and teaching throughout her extensive career.

She was a founding member of Dundee Rep Dance Company (currently Scottish Dance Theatre) and for nine years performed with and was associate director of V-tol Dance Company.  Her performance and choreographic work spans across theatre and dance.

She has worked with many companies including Tag Theatre, The Unicorn -London, Leicester Haymarket, Theatre Gargantua – Toronto, Frantic Assembly, Graeme Miller, Benchtours, Catherine Wheels Theatre Company, Freshmess, Yolande Snaith Theatre Dance and Quarantine – Manchester.  She is also a long time collaborator with Highland based company Plan B.

Other recent work includes co-directing the award-winning Venus As A Boy – a National Theatre of Scotland and Burnt Goods production.

She is the Artistic Director of Edinburgh based company Curious Seed.

The company were awarded a Scotsman Fringe First 2009 for their most recent production Found.  The company has just returned from performing Found at the Luoghi Comuni festival in Italy.

Christine was  Associate Artist (Choreographer) on Déda’s Artist Scheme 2009 – 2010.

See www.curious-seed.co.uk for more information on Christine Devaney and her work.

Michael Marshall

Initially moving to Glasgow six years ago to study viola, Michael Marshall has since become involved with a variety of projects as stylistically diverse as chamber music, noise experamentalism and saccharin pop. A musical polyglot, Michael is an accomplished drummer, guitarist, programmer and violist and has established himself across Scotland as an exciting young musician and collaborator. He currently lives in Fife.

Howie Reeve

Howie plays bass (and occasional augmentative skworks) in Tattie Toes. One day they will have an album out on Pickled Egg, once they’ve decided the names of the songs, track running order, artwork. The band is to him a rarely seen alluring third cousin who he wants to throw mud pies at and snog simultaneously.
Howie is also a theatre practitioner. Most recently he was assistant director and workshop facilitator on The Monster in the Hall by David Greig, a farcical romp through the life of a teenage girl who cares for her disabled father and lives in fear of the social services splitting them up.
Earlier this year, Howie spent three weeks in Kenya on a working practice exchange and he collaborated with a local company to help produce street theatre. He absolutely loved this experience.
Howie first heard Dawson on John Peel in the early 90s, probably 1992. He invited Jer and Co to come and play Liverpool with his then band Sedgwick, and Howie and Jer have been friends and on/off collaborators ever since. They have cross pollinated on many an improvisation, and in From Home (4 guitars and a dancer), F’cund, Cod, Shlebie (a proper band, like) and, most notably, underground legends A Bum at the Front, whose only release ‘Front Bummage’ has been seen going for ridiculous sums of money on ebay.
During their part of Winter Cycle, Sausage Shaped Lobster will be on the cusp of Optimum Egg Profile, with Beefy Cheeks in the ascendant, so they expect to achieve undercrunk.

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