Week 2 12th-18th December

Laurie Pitt
Michael Sherin

Fritz Welch

Fritz Welch is a percussionist who uses a collection of sleestack bones and bubblegum to build high rises to reverse cultural implosions. He plays with Jer in the band Eight Thumbs.

Jenny Soep

Jenny Soep is primarily a drawing based artist, specialising in simultaneously drawing her experience of live original music, particularly the more alternative.
Seeing her drawings as performance affected illustrations, she has experimented with a variety of different tools and materials including mobile phone, iPod, iPad, Wacom Tablet/Laptop/Projector combo, UV painting, and most often watercolour and pencil on paper.  She believes this latter style to be more sensitive in capturing an essence of the entire experience including atmosphere, humidity and audience interaction, while also better allowing her to add any intrinsic layers of text spoken or sung on the night.
Predominantly a silent documenter, Soep looks forward to the audio potential in drawing as part of a collaborative performance.
To see a selection of her drawings go to www.jennysoep.blogspot.com

Stevie Jones


Phil Eaglesham, under the moniker ‘p6′  has coughed up thee vocals for Gewalt, Stretchheads, Archbishop Kebab, Donkey, Boxing Nun, pH Family, Black Sun, Luke Fowler, Maxton Grainger and current bands Security, OV and main project Desalvo. Influenced by Peter Hope, Gavin Friday and Gabi Delgado and ballooning his way through mid-life, his voice is too high for current trends in ‘earnest artifact-based metal’ and too frantic to deliver recognisable ‘crunk-pop’. HIV/AIDS, Psychiatry, Transphobia and Warfare are typical subject matters while queer informed lampoon is his key approach. He is a former Sister of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence and while retired, still claims to have magickal powers. Sensual audience contact becomes increasingly moist and desperate ov late with his cracked actor/doom cabaret bent for performance.

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