Week 3 19th-25th December

Wounded Knee

Wounded Knee is Drew Wright, a singer and experimental vocalist based in Leith, Edinburgh.  He has been making music since 2004 and is an experienced live performer.  His repertoire ranges from traditional Scottish folk songs through to esoteric rhythmic vocalic improvisations via Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”.

Shane Connolly

Shane Connolly is a percussionist working in Scotland. He has studied Japanese Taiko drumming and both Jer and Shane are co-founders of iSSHO Taiko Drummers.
Although Shane has worked closely with Jer over the past few years Winter Cycle will see them work in a new way.
Shane also runs Sokobauno Puppet Theatre. www.sokobauno.com

Luke Sutherland

Luke Sutherland has played/composed and collaborated with various groups/people/organisations over the years including Long Fin Killie, Bows, Jomi Massage,  Music A.M., Jer Reid, Mogwai, Markus Stockhausen, Curious Seed, the National Theatre of Scotland, Dance4…

Nerea Bello

Robin Mason

Rosalind Masson

Born in 1985 Rosalind studied  at London Contemporary Dance school
until she returned to Glasgow in 2006. Since then she has created work
in collaboration with artists of different disciplines, solo work and
danced for various choreographers. This year she is on the Artistic
Panel for The Workroom at Tramway, the new studio for independent
dance artists is Glasgow. She currently works with La Nua Dance
Company and Bodysurf Scotland. In New York she worked at Movement
Research learning from choreographers such as Miguel Guitterez, John
Jasperse and Katie Duck. In Berlin she has been working with Arthur
Staldi and Renate Graziadei at Labor Gras Studio. Scotland continues
to be her base for creating and performing work fueled by the culture,
art and people there.

Lisa Fannen

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