Week 4 26th December-1st January

Jodi Cave

Jamie Grier

Jamie works in Glasgow as a musician, sound engineer and technician. He used to be in Park Attack and made records for Iridite and a few other things… Works in the Green Door recording studio recording with tape and all that… Has recently been collaborating with Jer a wee bit and doing the sound at the Sonic Soak festival with the 85a lot… And mixing the Muscles of Joy single for Monorail’s new record label..  And doing stuff with Ruira Maclean sometimes… And maybe Mary Knox and Lorna Gilfeder if they show up…  Currently making a lighting thing for the vic bar and a soundtrack for Euan Williamsons short film “Substation”. Simultaneously. Will be performing with Jer on a synthesiser and hopefully being allowed to make his own notes. But maybe not.

Iain Campbell

Iain Campbell is composer/superimposer and performer/clown. He is interested in sound, performance and consumption and considers audience to be a problem. He would like someone to show him a subversive rock band. He recently pissed himself at Instal.


Chris Storey

Chris Storey plays with members of Small Scale Collions in The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart and also produces solo laptop noise under the name Splashy The Blame Shifter. He has collaborated with Malgorzata Haduch, The Frantic Ant, NOMA, Russell McEwan (Black Sun), NASA, the RSAMD contemporary theatre class and members of Ug! In 2007, he performed an original score at a week-long theatre residency at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He has supported Chris Corsano, Matthew Bower, Richard Youngs, Tight Meat, Heather Lee Murray and Black Sun.

Joseph Quimby

Email: joequimbyjr@hotmail.com

Joseph Quimby is a Glasgow based musician who performs both as a solo artist and as a member of bands such as Take a Worm for a Walk Week (Undergroove Records) and Remember Remember (Rock Action). A vocalist and multi-instrumentalist his primary instrument as a solo artist is electric guitar with which he creates dynamic drone, ambient and post-rock soundscapes which defy the usual conventions of those genres. His collaborative practice includes live improvised sets with bands and artists from a variety of styles and disciplines. As a band member he has toured throughout the UK performing at many well known live music and arts venues as well as appearing on full length albums and compilations on well known independent record labels.


Live band and solo appearances across the UK in venues such as:

The Arches (Glasgow), Dance Base (Edinburgh), the Scala (London), Barrowlands (Glasgow), Olympia Theatre (Dublin) supporting artist including Yann Tiersen, Growing, Fly Pan Am, Boris, Mogwai, At the Drive In, Sleater Kinney and Zombi.

Rafe Fitzpatrick

Violin – scrape, scratch, fingers, bow – tune, out-off tune, melody, rhythmn, fun.

Graham Mack

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