Week 5 2nd-4th January

Dave Powell

Dave Powell is from Brooklyn, New York, a member of the ABC No Rio
collective, a tenant organizer, a student of urban planning and some
times a drummer.  He has played with HUASIPUNGO, CLAQUE (with Jer
Reid and Lisa Fannen) and most recently with EXORCISMO del CAPITALISMO
(with Arturo Roldan and Niko Uloa).

For his duo with Jer Reid he will be transmitting live from under the
Gowanus Expressway in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn, grappling with
neighborhood ghosts and the legacy of Robert Moses.

Xana Marwick

Xana Marwick is a Performance Maker based in Scotland. Recently Xana has made work with / in / for: Tramway (Glasgow), Starcatchers (Scotland), Shunt (London), Battersea Arts Centre (London), Forest Fringe (UK), Dancebase (Edinburgh), The Traverse (Edinburgh), The Arches (Glasgow), North Edinburgh Arts Centre (Edinburgh), The Royal Lyceum Theatre (Edinburgh) Derevo (based in Russia), Akhe (based in Russia), Fuse: New Theatre for Young People (Liverpool, Zho Visual Theatre (Liverpool), Gallery Wakaka (Edinburgh), Imaginate (Scotland), Lyceum Youth Theatre (Edinburgh), Platform (Glasgow) and has collaborated with many independent artists. Xana is Drama Artist at Platform (Glasgow) and is a founding member of Stadium Rock Arts Collective. www.mynameisxana.co.uk

Monica Deioanni

I was born in Italy in 1975, from then to now dance and theatre became the main things in my life. At the moment I can see that one of my strong interest is to perform in informal contexts with a real interaction with the audience at various level of communication.
During 2000-2003 I was member of ARCI in Italy. There I developed street theatre performances including “guerra e pace” based on the declaration of the war in Iraq and how war can be a background condition of our daily life.
In 2003 I was part of ‘Labyrinth of the Imaginary’ directed by Judith Malina and the Living Theatre Company in Napoli
With ARTIMMMEIATE I performed in “One shoe adagio” an African dance/Clown/Ariel, site-specific, improvisation performance at ‘Isola delle Meraviglie’ Festival Theatre in Venezia.
From early experiences to my present I have been trained independently in contemporary dance, improvisation and physical theatre including ODIN teatret (Danmark) and Julie Stanzack (Wuppertal Tanzteater of Pina Baush). I have a Science background with a PhD in Environmental Science and a PDA in Arts Education in Practice. I am based in Edinburgh, I take part in different performing art projects as well as I am dance theatre facilitator in UK and abroad. I was Co founder and now company dancer in LaNua -Movement and improvisation.
What I find very important now is to bring back arts in the community.
to perform within a group is like “to dive into the circle of the fiction in order to find the courage to be true” (E. Barba)

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