Help needed…

There’s a few elements of Winter Cycle that I’m looking for help with:

1. Taking money at the door and general organising/setting up each day.
(helpful if you can be there from 11, and then help tidy away afterwards).
2. On the few days where a sound engineer would be good to have (probably only 3 or 4 days out of the 31) I wonder if anyone who has experience might be willing to come down for about an hour, hour and 1/2 tops to help w/ the wee vocal PA.
3. I also had this crazy idea to record each performance and try and sell CDs of it as quickly as possible for subsequent shows – within a few days! So would need help w/ dumping stuff on computer, tweaking of sound, mastering and copying.
4. Designing covers for the CDs.
5. Help with publicising it. If it’s possible to be part of anyone’s mail out lists or if anyone knows journalists worth contacting that would be appreciated.

There’s no funding for any of it and the small door money will be going to cover travel costs of folks playing/performing. So I can’t offer any payment for any help except my thanks!


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