Jer Reid

I’m not sure what the function of biographies are but I read them myself so here is some information …

Jer Reid (is doing that weird thing of writing in the third person).  A list of musical things is not the most important but:
Jer Reid has been doing music things for quite a while. Recently he’s been playing quite a bit with dance – both written and improvised. Including: ‘From Home’ with Annie Lok, ‘Found’ with Christine Devaney, Michael Sherin and Luke Sutherland, ‘Instance: Improvised Music and Dance’ at the CCA, and improvising with dancers Rosalind Masson, Raquel Gualtero Soriano, Malgorzata Haduch and Kenzo Kusuda.
He’s also been improvising with various music people including Luke Sutherland, Eight Thumbs (Fritz Welch, Shane Connolly and Dougal Marwick), Andy Moor, Wounded Knee, Lucy Duncombe, Iain Campbell.

He plays guitar with Issho Taiko Drummers too.

I don’t feel like typing about the motivations for doing this … but I think there will be a wee interview in the booklet advertising the cycle which I’ll put up here too.

Suffice to say that what passes for daily life just doesn’t have enough life. And what passes for ‘festival’ and marking time in this culture feel as empty to me now as they did when I was 15. But time should be marked.

Big thanks to Craig Tannock and Paul Smith at Stereo, Maria Hubbert for doing so much with the organising and support for this, Barney at the Flying Duck, Mark Falconer for help and good ideas including the press stuff, Lisa Fannen and Heather Ware for insight and inspiration. Of course, massive thanks to everyone who has offered to help with the various elements of putting it on.

Do feel free to tell folk about this!

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