Complete list of performances

Complete list of performances now on the Performance list/ Dates page!

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More Inspiration – John Trudell and Jacks Ashley McNamara

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Some Inspiration – Paul-Andre Fortier and Carolee Schneemann

Saw Paul-Andre Fortier in London, Liverpool Street 2007. His 30 X 30 performance.

and for a really long time:

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Some of the folks who have so far confirmed to take part are:

Luke Sutherland

Stevie Jones

Shane Connolly

Michael Marshall

Chris Storey

Wounded Knee

Jamie Grier

F Ampism

Fritz Welch

Howie Reeve

Lucy Duncombe

Robin Mason

Joseph L. Quimby Jr


Lisa Fannen

Rosalind Masson

RM Hubbert

Rafe Fitzpatrick

Dougal Marwick

Xana Marwick

Cloudberry MacLean

Nerea Bello

Christine DeVaney

Michael Sherin

… more soon.

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Winter Cycle

Jer Reid (that’s me) is planning to play 31 different improvised duo gigs/ performances from Sunday 5th December 2010 – Tuesday January 4th 2011 inclusive. At midday each day.

They will be at Stereo, Renfield Lane, Glasgow. A few performances will be at the Flying Duck, 142 Renfield Street (ie December 25th, January 1st and January 2nd) when Stereo is shut. The Flying Duck gigs/ performances will be at midday too.

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