Performance list/ Dates

People/ dates matched so far:

Sunday 5th December – Cloudberry MacLean
Monday 6th – Jack Figgis
Tuesday 7th – Dougal Marwick
Wednesday 8th – RM Hubbert
Thursday 9th – Christine DeVaney
Friday 10th – Michael Marshall
Saturday 11th – Howie Reeve
Sunday 12th – Cheer
Monday 13th – Laurie Pitt
Tuesday 14th – Michael Sherin
Wednesday 15th – Fritz Welch
Thursday 16th – Jenny Soep
Friday 17th – Stevie Jones
Saturday 18th – P6
Sunday 19th – Wounded Knee
Monday 20th – Shane Connolly
Tuesday 21st – Luke Sutherland
Wednesday 22nd – Nerea Bello
Thursday 23rd – Robin Mason
Friday 24th – Rosalind Masson
Saturday 25th – Lisa Fannen
Sunday 26th – Jodi Cave
Monday 27th – Jamie Grier
Tuesday 28th – Iain Campbell
Wednesday 29th – Chris Storey
Thursday 30th – Joseph L. Quimby Jr
Friday 31st – Rafe Fitzpatrick
Saturday 1st January – Graham Mack
Sunday 2nd – Dave Powell
Monday 3rd – Xana Marwick
Tuesday 4th – Monica de Ioanni

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